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The Vitalis Story

Updated: May 12, 2021

A brief lesson on the HISTORY, SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY behind Vitalis...

We at World Feeds Ltd - a company built on the simple premise of improving the way fish are fed - are dedicated to providing the best standard of nutrition to aquarium fish around the world. Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition is our range of complete and balanced aquarium diets, tailored to the diverse nutritional requirements of marine and freshwater species. We feed millions of fish globally, from some of the world's largest public aquarium exhibits right down to the smallest home goldfish tank.

Founded in 2004 by Technical Director Mark Wilson, World Feeds is based in South Yorkshire, UK. Mark’s history in ornamental aquaculture, including conservation and breeding programmes, steered him into forming the world’s first commercial clownfish hatchery. His research led to a discovery that caused him great concern - the food on the market at the time simply wasn't fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the ever-growing diverse range of fish. Species now available from different regions around the globe each have an equally diverse range of dietary needs and these were just not being met with the catch-all approach of products available in the market at that time. Change was necessary.

Coming together with Managing Director Peter Kersh in 2005, they formed our team of fish experts, nutritional scientists and engineers to bring their vision of creating the best fish food in the world to fruition.

What makes our fish food so special comes down to four key elements (and we've even contrived them into an acronym for you!) :

(Don't you just love acronyms)

We've always been big advocates of the saying "It's what's inside that counts" and this is highly applicable to the F and the H in our little abbreviation. After years of carefully selecting our key dietary components, we use only high quality protein sources, including molluscs, crustaceans and whole fish meal, as well our own blend of algae for herbivorous and omnivorous species. Crucially we incorporate our own blended fish oil profile, vitamins and minerals to ensure the right fish are receiving the right kind of nutrients, be they marine, freshwater, tropical or coldwater. We take the science behind our fish food very seriously and we give equal importance to the technology behind it too. That's where the I and the S come in.

From a nutritional standpoint, we've always known that our combination of high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients and unique tailored formulations provide a well-balanced and highly digestible diet for aquarium fish. What we then sought to do was ensure our methods of feed presentation were able to provide the best access to the nutrition. We're firm believers in a natural feeding experience and we designed our fish food to capture that as closely as possible for aquarium animals.

  • FLAKES - We make our flakes as large as possible when packaged, enabling users to break them up into sizes suitable for the species being fed.

  • PELLETS - Our pellets are soft and malleable,for ease of digestion. They're also designed to sink rather than float, so the fish can feed mid-water or bottom feed, as they would in the wild.

  • GRAZERS - Our unique grazer products are water-stable and designed to remain in the tank for up to 24 hours. These enable multiple species to access the nutrition throughout the day whenever they need it.

  • MICRONISED FLAKES - We developed a means of micronising our flake formula into minute particles for corals and other filter feeding species.

As we've designed and engineered our own production machinery, employing our own low-temperature extrusion techniques, we make a fish food like no other available on the global market. Our technical and scientific expertise has also been embraced as part of our collaborative relationship with aquariums. We work to find and develop feeding solutions, from specially designed feeds for more challenging species such as sharks (our elongated Strand pellet is concealed within a wet fish or squid) to our unique large grazing blocks for large-scale community exhibits.

Today, our fish food ranges have a global presence. Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition is exported to over 40 countries, supplying hobbyists and aquarists around the world with our high quality diets and innovative forms of feed presentation.

Stay tuned for our next innovation in our home aquarium Grazer products!

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