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Public Aquariums - Why Vitalis?

We create high quality tailored diets to meet the diverse nutritional needs of species from all around the world. Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition offers a complete and balanced diet for fish of all species from the smallest freshwater tank to the largest marine exhibit.


Our aim has always been to provide the best source of nutrition for aquarium fish worldwide.


All of our diets are comprised of high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients - including whole fish meal, squid, shrimp, mussel and 

seaweed blends, uniquely formulated for high digestibility. We employ unique processes to create soft, malleable feeds that further aid ease of digestion.


We produce each of our fish foods in a variety of methods of presentation. Large and versatile flakes, soft sinking pellets and our unique grazers ensure that each species is able to obtain their high quality nutrition in the way that best suits them.


Owing to our low leaching formulas, our diets are highly stable in water. Combined with their high digestibility, this help to minimise excess nutrient accumulation - significantly benefitting water quality, while putting less stress on filtration systems.


We feed millions of fish in major public aquariums around the globe, including some of the largest exhibits in the world. Our diets are used to feed a wide variety of species from garden eels to tiger sharks.

You can see a selection of our aquarium customers by clicking HERE.

What's In Our Fish Food?

It's what's inside that counts

All our diets are made from the highest quality ingredients, and are obtained from registered suppliers and sustainable sources. No GM products are used in any of our formulations. The formulations include constituents that can only be found in naturally occurring diets of marine and freshwater species. Our fish foods are made from a wide variety of dietary components, including whole fish meal, human food-grade squid, shrimp and mussel powders, a blend of algae species (including Ascophyllum and Ulva) and Spirulina to name a few.

Designed With Your Fish In Mind

Presentation is key


Vitalis flakes allow feeding versatility in community aquariums containing fish of different sizes. Highly digestible and nutritionally balanced, they can also be broken down for small species and juvenile fish.



Vitalis pellets are made using low temperature extrusion techniques. This produces soft malleable pellets which are more attractive to the fish and easily digested. We offer a wide range of sizes, from our 1mm pellet which is more like a soft crumb, up to the 15mm diameter pellet for larger species.



The Vitalis Grazer range is designed specifically for grazing species. These unique water stable rings have been developed to remain in the aquarium for consumption by the fish throughout the day. Available in 2 sizes, Mini and our Large Grazing Diet which comes as a 1kg 'log' that can be measured and cut up as necessary. Grazer stations can be positioned in various ways around the exhibit to benefit the fish, you as the user as well as aquarium visitors.



Vitalis strand is a unique product for public aquarium use. It provides a solution to feeding the more challenging and larger species. Vitalis Marine Strand uses a wet fish or squid as a capsule to deliver the nutrition. Inserting a length of strand into the body cavity of a fish or the mantle of a squid produces a nutritious food parcel and ensures the nutrition is effectively delivered to the animals.


We micronised our flake food to produce a food for filter feeding species such as soft corals, SPS corals and jellyfish. Every micronised flake is a complete food particle.

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