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New Vitalis Fish Foods for 2021

Here's all you need to know about new Vitalis products that will start to become available from your local retailer in August 2021...

With Vitalis, it has always been our goal to provide the best standard of tailored nutrition to aquarium fish. Our scientifically precise formulations have been carefully designed to cater to the specific dietary needs of marine and freshwater species from around the globe. We’re so pleased to have been able to continue producing our aquatic diets throughout the pandemic while also lowering the environmental impact of our products by switching to more eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging.

It has undoubtedly been a difficult 18 months where everyone has had to adapt and make changes in almost every part of our daily lives. As a fish food company, we too have had to adapt and in order to ensure we continue to provide consistent and ready availability of our high quality nutrition we have taken the time to evaluate our product ranges.


After careful consideration, we have decided to amalgamate our Central / South American and Rift Lake Red Cichlid formulations into a single CICHLID CARNIVORE PELLET.

Available in 1mm and 4mm pellet sizes to cater for different sized species, our high protein pellets are suitable for both American and African carnivorous cichlid species.


To coincide with the Cichlid Carnivore Pellet, our Rift Lake Green Cichlid Pellets and Flakes will be changing (in name only) to CICHLID HERBIVORE PELLETSand CICHLID HERBIVORE FLAKES respectively.


In a similar vein, we have also amalgamated our Soft Coral and SPS Coral Food into a single form as MIXED REEF FOOD. Following our years of research, we have created what we consider to be a much better formulation, encompassing mixed reef species including Soft and SPS corals as well as other filter feeders. This new formulation has proven to promote an increased polyp response while also making it simpler for feeding mixed coral reef tanks.


A difficult but necessary decision - our Discus Pellets are now discontinued.

Though we are very proud of our high protein Discus formulation, experience has shown us that a different method of feed presentation may be more suitable to these beautiful fish. We are currently researching an alternative food for Discus as a possibility for the future.

We're excited to share some other new products coming up in the near future.

Stay tuned!

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