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Our Marine Strand is a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. Designed to enable the delivery of a complete nutritional profile, concealed within the cavity of a wet fish or squid. 


Developed as a solution for feeding some of the more challenging larger species such as tiger sharks and cow nose rays, our Marine Strand is designed to be concealed inside a wet fish or squid. This acts as a nutritious "food parcel" - the Strand being the source of complete nutrition.

The Strand takes the form of an elongated "rope" of pellet feed. It can be cut to the desired length and inserted within the body cavity of a wet fish or squid in order to deliver high quality nutrition.

Strand (Ø) : 6mm, 15mm

Wielkości opakowań : 1.8kg, 20kg

Formulated for larger marine species, including: tiger sharks and cow nose rays.

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