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In addition to our unique tailored formulas and high quality feeds, aquariums around the world enjoy the benefits of Vitalis’ innovative methods of feed presentation.

For our unparalleled GRAZING DIET feed blocks, we offer bespoke apparatus that enables users to easily deploy the feed within their exhibit. The LARGE & SMALL GRAZING STATIONS are made from marine-grade stainless steel and are designed specifically to maximise the accessibility of the Large and Small Grazing Diets respectively. Simply slide the feed onto the Grazing Station and lower to the desired depth on the polysteel rope supplied. The yellow float indicator (included) floats to the surface once the food is consumed to show when restocking is required.

These feeding stations not only enhance feed delivery for the animals but allow users to create unique viewing positions for aquarium visitors as well as opportunities for observation and animal care.

Wielkości opakowań : 1kg (individual), 18kg (pack of 18)

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