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Vitalis Goes 100% Recyclable For 2020!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We're excited to announce our new look Vitalis packaging, now 100% RECYCLABLE as we move towards a sustainable future.

2020 has undoubtedly been a turbulent period for the entire world. Our day to day lives are constantly adapting to the "new norm" and there are important and long overdue conversations about social and environmental change going on across the globe. We're very conscious of these salient issues and the effect that the use of plastic has on the environment. We've taken on board the messages from experts in the industry and would like to share with you a small way in which we as a manufacturer are trying to contribute towards a sustainable future by lowering our impact on the environment.

Ahead of the advent of COVID-19, our plans for Vitalis in 2020 were set firmly on introducing a new line of packaging for our high quality nutrition at Interzoo. As the exhibition was unfortunately unable to proceed, we're pleased to be revealing our reinvigorated fish food range with an OVER 50% REDUCTION IN PLASTIC!

The new fully-recyclable Vitalis pots are initially available in our core 3 retail sizes, with larger sizes gradually changing to white over the next few months.

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