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Our Tropical Grazers deliver a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. Our public aquarium diets are a complete feed for fish.

Encouraging natural grazing behaviour, these unique Mini Grazer rings can be attached to the side of the aquarium using their suction fixings (included in the pail) and allow you to witness your fish feeding as they would in the wild. Encompassing all the nutritional requirements of tropical freshwater grazing species, our Mini Grazers are designed to remain water stable, reducing waste and allowing fish to feed as and when they choose.

Our Mini Grazers are highly stable in water, enabling your fish to graze throughout the day and encouraging a natural feeding experience.

*PLEASE NOTE - Due to global supply issues, the "tack" component of our Mini Grazer fixings is temporarily unavailable. We are looking at alternatives solutions and will update as soon as possible.*

Grazer Size : MINI

Available Sizes : 1.7kg

Formulated for all grazing tropical freshwater fish, including:

Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Snakeheads, Rainbowfish and large Characins, Tetras and Barbs.

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